Full Day Tour to Berat from Tirana

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– The city of “a thousand and one windows” – Berat
– Dumrea region and its Lakes

Price starting from 75 euros per person (minimum 2 guests) 

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  • Expert Guide, driver
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Berat, The City Of 1001 Windows

The tour will be starting from Tirana, the Trip to berat is 1 hour and 30 minutes long,  Arriving in berat and you will start the sightseeing of the old town protected by UNESCO

This is one of the oldest cities and the pride of Albanian architecture. The three main neighborhoods of the ancient city are Mangalem, Gorica and Kala, where the castle is located. We will begin our tour of the zona del castillo. We will visit from ‘Kala’, which involves a steep walk along a paved path, but those who reach the top will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the surroundings. We will visit the ‘Onufri’ Iconography Museum (Optional) named after the famous painter of frescoes and icons Onufri, who left a rich legacy. This museum is located inside the cathedral of the Assumption of Santa María. We will also visit the Mezquita Roja, known for its solitary minaret and the Iglesia de la divina Trinidad. After the visit to the castle, there will be an optional lunch in a traditional restaurant (with additional cost). After the fortress, we will visit the neighborhood of Mangalem and the National Ethnographic Museum (Optional). This museum is located in one of the most characteristic and interesting houses of the town, a rich collection of traditional objects (more than 1000) and is one of the greatest examples of Berat’s long history and culture. On the other side of the river Osumi is located in the neighborhood of Gorica, whose houses are next to those of Mangalem. The arched bridge of Gorica, built in 1780, is a beautiful architectural monument built to connect Gorica with Mangelem.

After  free time and lunch  Return to Tirana.

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