12 Days Grand Culture and Beach Tour Albania & Prizren

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Welcome in Albania and visit the most wonderful archeological sites, castles and old towns, National parks, Light hiking Experience, seaside Relaxation and Very tasty Traditional food. This is a cultural tour is for people who are interested to discover the history and experience the culture of a warm and incredibly hospitable country that has not been discovered by mass
tourism yet. This Tour cover all regions in Albania and bit of Kosovo, we will bring you to some of the most interesting parts of Albania and Kosovo. First Days of the tour after you will enjoy the Capital of Albania we will transfer you to the heart of Albanian Alps in the Northern part of Albania. You will have one ferry ride to one of the most Famous Lakes in The north (Koman Lake) From there we will show you a bit of Kosovo in Prizren and you will continue to another Part of Albania near the lake of Ohrid. You will Enjoy The National Park of Llogara which is one of the most Frequented national Parks in Albania because is located Near by the Albanian Riviera and More.














Group Tour

The Total  Price is 1390 euro per person (Minimum of 4 guests) 

Single supplement, 300 euro extra

Apr 15, 2024 

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May 22, 2024 

Jun 5, 2024 

Jun 26, 2024 

Jul 4, 2024 

Aug 13, 2024 

Aug 27, 2024 

For Private Tour Price : 1800 euro per person (minimum 2 guests)


  • 11 nights` accommodation in Guest houses and 3 or 4 stars Hotels
  • Breakfast Daily
  • 11 Dinners
  • 11 Lunches
  • Licensed Guide Included
  • 12 guided sightseeing tours and select entrance fees
  • Transport and Driver Included

Price starting from 1450 euros per person (minimum 2 guests) , if more guests the price will be lower

* Single Supplement: To guarantee tour departure even for one participant we require a single supplement of 530 Euros. If other participants join this tour, you will be refunded this full single supplement amount. We organize small groups up to 8 pax. Please contact us if you are a larger group of participants for a quotation.

* Please note that prices are calculated on triple or quadruples room occupancy. Double or single room occupancy is possible on extra charge.

* The Triple/Quadruple room occupancy means you might share the room with other travelers and/or the tour guide (whom could be males or females).

* Double room occupancy is possible on 10 Euros extra charge per night per person.

* Single room occupancy is possible on 20 Euros extra charge per night per person.

  • Enjoy Travel and Tours reserves the rights to add other participants in and during the tour program. If you are interested in a private tour please contact us for a quotation.

* On request this tour may also depart from other cities of Albania or neighboring countries such as Kosovo, Montenegro or Macedonia. Please contact us for more information on the extra costs.

* All participants are responsible for having their own health/travel insurance.

* Please note that transaction and payment fees are on the sender (you in this case). We will notify you with a print screen of the amount received at our account as soon as we receive your down payment.

* Please note that Credit/Debit card payments are possible at our office in Tirana and apply a 5% bank commission.

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  • Day 1

Introduction and Visit of Tirana
Depending on your Arrival Time the driver and guide will take you to the airport and transfer to the hotel.
You will get a general information about the tour. Depart to center of the capital of Albania – Tirana. You will have nice walk of the city center , enjoying the most interesting attractions of Tirane. You will visit the. National Museum, Gallery of Arts. Skenderbeg square, the boulevard, the mosque, the bunker, the pyramid, mother Theresa square, blloku area After lunch have free time in the city or visit the National museum. The Historical Museum will help make sense of much of the trip, from pre-history to the impact of King Zog. This First day will be for you to enjoy the capital and have some free time around the most important attractions.

Dinner and Overnight in Tirana

  • Day 2

Visit of Shkoder, the biggest city in the North Region
After your Breakfast Meet with guide and driver in the hotel lobby and depart to Shkodra. On the way you will have information of Albanian History and on the places that you will visit. Arrive in Shkodra and visit Rozafa Castle. Visit the center of Shkodra, pedestal, and mosque of kings. After the visit, lunch at a local restaurant in the city center. You will have lunch in one Traditional restaurant in the center of Shkodra .After lunch, free time in the city. Check-in at the hotel after free time. Rozafa Castle Built during Antiquity, enduring the Roman and Ottoman empires, and remaining intact up to the present day, Rozafa Castle has witnessed the dramatic changes of the tide over
the course of Albania’s fascinating history. Needless to say then that this archaeological area is incredibly rich in historical tales. you will visit the castle and enjoy also the amazing panoramic view.
Shkodra Lake In the Northwest of Albania lies the beautiful Shkodra Lake, the largest in the Balkan Peninsula, and one of the many natural wonders of this part of the country. With a vast surface area of 368 km2, the lake stretches beyond the country and across the border with
Montenegro, with 149 km2 of it lying in Albania. The lake beautifully frames the historic and artistic city of Shkodra, a calming and refreshing area, reflecting the effect of the water which
gracefully surrounds it.

Dinner in a traditional famous restaurant.
Overnight in Shkodra.

  • Day 3

Have the Amazing experience on the ferry and Explore
Valbona National Park
Early in the Morning You will depart to Valbona National Park. Your breakfast will be served in small take-out boxes. First, we will arrive and depart to Valbona village by boat ferry in the Koman lake. Arrive at the port of Fierza and depart to Valbona. Lake Koman was created in 1978 when the Drin River was dammed, with the result that you can cruise through spectacular mountain scenery where many incredibly hardy people still live as they have for centuries, tucked away in tiny mountain villages. Until recently the ferry was not set up for tourism, which made the entire trip feel like a great adventure. But recent developments, as well as word getting out among travelers, have made the trip both more accessible (with better-timed ferries) and, inevitably, rather more touristy.  After arrival in Valbona village and Walk with the guide in the village or in the surrounding mountains. The Valbona Valley is one of the rivers, spectacular waterfalls, and endless forests under the shade of the surrounding high peaks. In this spectacular setting, organic, farm-fresh products and clear air seemingly add years to your life. This natural wonder offers a rare sense of tranquility and beauty, that is not to be missed by those looking for the most awe-inspiring of Albania’s natural treasures. You will enjoy the fresh air and the nice walk in the park before having your dinner. Traditional dinner in the guest house (included).

Dinner and overnight in Valbona

  • Day 4

Transfer to Kosovo Discover the Ottoman old town of Prizren 
After breakfast you will depart for Kosovo country, Kosovo has a unique and complicated history – get a chance to learn some of it and be pleasantly surprised at the hospitality and friendliness you encounter here! A country-in-flux, Prizren is a town of shops, mosques,
churches and old bridges, compares to many Western European cities in culture and beauty. Arrival in Prizren and You will Visit The League for the Defense of the Rights of the Albanian Nation commonly known as the League of Prizren (Officially on June 10, 1878) in the old town of Prizren, in the Kosova Vilayet of the Ottoman Empire. This is a museum where you will get to know more about Albanian History in Kosovo. The Sinan Pasha Mosque is located in the Historic Centre of Prizren. It was built in 1615 by Sofi Sinan Pasha – a distinguished person of knowledge, a person of important rank in the Ottoman administration. Due to its prevailing position, dimensions, shape, the proportion of minaret to the cupola, construction materials, and technique, endowments in the interior, the Sinan Pasha Mosque represents one of the most characteristic monuments of Prizren.
After the visit of Prizren, you will depart to Albania, the direction of Kruja city, The ancient city of Kruja was the stronghold of Albania’s national hero, Skanderbeg, who successfully fought off
the Ottomans for 25 years in the 15th century. A museum dedicated to Skanderbeg, designed by Enver Hoxha’s daughter, sits within the citadel walls. The small bazaar is probably the best place
to buy handmade products & objects- wooden carpets, handcrafted pots, in Albania.

Dinner and overnight in Kruja.

  • Day 5

Visit Ancient city of Kruja and Elbasan Fortress
After breakfast, meet the guide in the lobby and start sightseeing in the city of Kruja, which is one of the most important cities in times of revolutions against the Ottomans. We will visit the National Hero’s Castle Skenderbeg, Skenderbeg Museum and Old Kruja
Bazaar. Departure to Elbasan city. After arriving In Elbasan, you will visit the castle of Elbasan which was very important in Roman times
and which also has a view of Via Egnatia, which was the “road” between the old city of Rome and Kostandinopoja. You will also see a fortress of Elbasan, Saint Mary’s Church, and the king Mosque inside
the fortress. After sightseeing, you will have your free time in the castle.
After visit and Lunch inside the fortress Depart to Pogradec. Once you arrive in Pogradec you will enjoy Lake Ohrid, which dominates the small town of Pogradec. This ancient tectonic lake is one of the oldest and deepest (up to 288m) lakes in Europe. The lake is divided between Albania and North Macedonia. The North Macedonian side,
which centers on the dreamy town of Ohrid, was declared an UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979 . For the moment,
though, tourism in and around Pogradec is minimal and on the surface, this is perhaps understandable.

Overnight in Pogradec near the lake.

  • Day 6

Visit Drilon and Voskopoja village before Arrival in Korca City
After breakfast you will visit the small village of Driloni, you will start your visit to One of the most enchanting hamlets of southeastern Albania which is Drilon, a very small village located between Korça and Pogradec. During the Communist-era, Drilon was the favorite place of dictator Enver Hoxha, who used to come here to relax. Today Drilon is an attractive summer destination, thanks to its beauty, beaches, and a national park. After the visit of Drilon, you will depart for Voskopoja. Voskopoja is a place where nature meets history, making it a favorite destination for tourists. The town of Voskopoja has been known as a cultural center since 1330 and over the centuries, more than 24 churches have been built there. The city hosted the first printing press outside of Istanbul alongside other important institutions, such as the New Academy. Unfortunately, fire, war, robbery, and earthquakes ultimately destroyed many of these buildings. You will visit Saint Athanase, Saint Ilie, and Saint Marie
churches. In Vosopoja there is a possibility of light hiking in the forest.
In the afternoon we have a sightseeing tour of the most important places in this city of Korca. The Cathedral, the Ottoman Bazaar, Andon Zako Cajupi theatre and the Hani I Pazarit. The city
of Korca is known for its vivid life and traditional music. You will have a nice walk in the main pedestrian area in Korca.
The old bazaar gathers both local residents, doing their daily shopping, and numerous tourists exploring the city. As the first market built-in Korçë, at the end of the 19th century, it is of great historical and monumental value. The complex preserves old buildings and parts of the city made of stone, making the visit to the bazaar an aesthetically pleasing experience. The old bazaar unites the open-air market with workshops or small commercial units, and intimate guesthouse
which still preserves the city’s culinary and hosting traditions.

Overnight in Voskopoja or Korca.

  • Day 7

Visit the Thermal Water baths in Benja and old town of
After breakfast, you will depart to visit one of the most interesting parts of Albania .During this day you will explore one of the most natural and interesting landscapes of Albania. You will stop from time to time to enjoy the scenery. Arrive near the thermal waters of Benja and lunch visit after lunch: Outside: thermal water of Benja. The Vjosa river crosses the entire valley and eventually branches into the Langarica river  the latter extending through a canyon of the same name. The caves of Langarica canyon are truly a sight to behold! The warm waters join the Langarica stream which, despite the naturally cold temperature of the river, keeps it warming from 29 to 30 degrees Celsius all year round. These are the thermal baths of Bënja, or llixha as they are called in Albanian. You will spend in the thermal baths around 1 hour, there is a possibility for jumping in the natural pools and walking in the Langarica canyon Departure to Gjirokastra and By the time you arrive in Gjirokastër, you will pass by the center of the old town. The historic site in Gjirokastra, the “Neck of the Bazaar”, makes up the center of the Old Town but what were once artisanal workshops are today mainly tourist souvenir shops. There are a couple of stone carvers left at the top end of the bazaar. Before dinner time you will have free time in the bazaar. visit:Interior: Gjirokastra castle, Skendulaj fortress Gjirokastra house, part of which has been transformed into a political prison for dissidents of the regime and the weapons museum. Visit the Ethnographic Museum, which is also the house in which the Albanian dictator was born, as well as a 300-year-old house next door, where the greatness of Gjirokastra’s master builders can be seen.

Dinner and overnight in Gjirokastra.

  • Day 8

Visit of Natural Monument of Blue Eye and Archeological
Site of Butrint.
After breakfast, meet the guide and Transfer to Saranda.
Arrival at Blue Eye and visit of the beautiful place as surprisingly spectacular as the south coast of Albania is What you would expect to see, there are sites that are more reminiscent of the Mediterranean than the tropics After lunch start of the visit to the archaeological site of Butrint Inside: Butrint (Butrint in Albanian) from ancient Greek was an ancient Greek city and later Roman and a bishopric in Epirus. Inhabited since prehistoric times, Buthrotum was a city of the Greek
Chaonian tribe, later a Roman colony and a bishopric. It went into decline at the end of Antiquity, before being abandoned in the Middle Ages after a major earthquake flooded most of the city. Hotel check-in and free time by the sea Saranda is the unofficial capital of the Albanian Riviera, and over the summer months it seems like half of Tirana is moving here to enjoy the lively beach and the lively nightlife along its crowded seaside promenade.

Dinner and overnight in Saranda.

  • Day 9

Relax day near the Ionian seaside
After breakfast, meet the guide goes through the Saranda synagogue departure to Himara ,during this day, you will have a breathtaking panoramic view, you will enter the region of the riviera.
You will pass through very interesting and exotic villages near the Ionian Sea like “qeparo” which is also known to French tourists and also the village of Borsh. Setting off from Himara, the road is only 13 km long and full of the beautiful Mediterranean views for which the Ionian Coast is so famous for. The locals say that Qeparo’s name comes from the cypress tree, which are so common in this area. Unlike the many rocky beaches of the south, Qeparo Beach has fine sand, and the sea is shallow for the first few meters, making it different from the immediate depths of Dhërmi and Jali. It’s for this reason that Qeparo is such a family favorite. There’s also a very quaint old pier which has been built on the large rocks that lay there. On the way to Himara near the Ionian sea, in a picturesque bay just south of Himara, this 19th- century fortress, also known as the Castle of Ali Pasha, makes for an interesting stop-off along the coastal road. The fortress itself is eerily dark inside, but it’s well worth paying to wander around and explore the battlements, which have superb sea views. Free time near the beach.

Dinner and overnight in National Park of Llogara

  • Day 10

Visit of Llogara National Park and Vlora independence City
After breakfast, departure for Vlora. Drive on the spectacular Albanian Riviera towards Vlora. The Llogara Pass is a high mountain pass within the Ceraunian Mountains along the Albanian Riviera. It connects the Dukat Valley in the north with Himarë in the south. You will have a
short stop for pictures of the amazing Albanian Riviera. Where the Adriatic and the Ionian Seas meet, begins the journey towards the Llogara National Park. The lush forests of pines and oaks are only the beginning of this “mountain of panoramas,” which is beautifully surrounded by numerous mountain ranges and the majestic Ionian Sea.
Located only 40 km southeast of Vlora, the Llogara National Park is one of the most visited natural parks in Albania, home to a rich flora and fauna and some of the most exceptional food in
the country. Though the park stays open throughout the year, it is most visited during the summer, as a cooling-off stop and a literal rite of passage to the southern Albanian Riviera. You will pass by the national park and you can have a nice walk or short hike. By the time you will arrive in Vlora you will pass by the waterfront The Monument of Independence is a monument in Vlorë, Albania, dedicated to the Albanian Declaration of Independence and worked by Albanian sculptors, Muntaz Dhrami and Kristaq Rama. It is found in the Flag’s Plaza, near the building where the first Albanian government worked in 1913. You will have one 10 minutes stop on this historical center of Vlora. Zverrneci Island Sitting at 30 meters above sea level, this picturesque island is named after the village of the same name, located about 13 km from the city of Vlora. Famous for its stunning forest of tall pines extending along nine hectares of land, the fairly small island also hosts the well-preserved 13th-century Byzantine Monastery of St. Mary. While Zvërnec is indeed compact in size, at approximately 400 meters in length and 300 meters in width, the island packs a magical experience.

Dinner and Overnight in Vlora

  • Day 11

Visit the archeological site of Apollonia and the city of 1001
After breakfast, meet the driver and guide and set off for Apollonia Archeological site Arrive at Apollonia and start of the tour with the guide. The museum city of Apollonia located on the famous Via Egnatia – one of the most important cities in Roman times. Because of its fame and importance, it was known as the Apollonia Prima out of 16 ancient cities built to honor Apollo. Caesar chose to send his nephew Augustus Octavian to study the oratory at Apollonia
revealing the importance of this ancient city. After the visit, lunch in a local restaurant inside the Park.After Lunch have free time and transfer
to Berat. Visit Mangalemi district, the bridge, the Plumb mosque and the cathedral.

Dinner and overnight in Berat.

  • Day 12

Transfer to the airport for the homebound flight.
This is the end of our service

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